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"Nerys Jones . . . as the inevitable maid, lovely tone allied to perfect Italian enunciation. " (The London Times)

" . . . focused Mezzo, real presence,  pearly clean sound, and crystal-clear diction." (The London Times)

"Hansel was convincingly a child, the voice pristine and the body gawky, but with no trace of the overemphasis that so easily besets grown-ups called upon to impersonate childhood. " (Opera Magazine)

" . . . has a focused mezzo and real presence as the peasant boy Pippo ." (The London Times).

"Hansel is as near perfection as makes no difference, her warm and centered mezzo, finely honed acting and impeccable diction - a model of excellence. " (The Stage)


"  . . . seriously randy Cherubino, her every utterance rich in delicious insights, is a rapier-sharp portrait. " (The London Times)


Cherubino in The Marriage of Figaro at Grange Park Opera

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